SPLNTR - Trails - Then and Now CD Album and Propaganda Machine 7" Bundle Deal.

SPLNTR is a punk rock band from Orange County, California, USA. Exceptional new album recorded at Screaming Leopard Studios (Pennywise). SPLNTR has opened for such acts as Jello Biafra, Angry Samoans, FEAR, JFA, Batallion of Saints, Decry, Boobie Trap and Anarchy Taco, X,Shattered Faith, DI and more. “They remind one of Black Flag and Minor Threat careening down hill with no brakes with Jello Biafra driving” Flipside 11 Song Digipak CD

SPLNTR are back after their début album on Deadlamb Records, TRAILS-Then and Now. Which was voted album of the year by Fungalpunk Dave, UK. They dish out two new tracks from Orange County, California, USA and so the record is on Limited Edition Orange vinyl in tribute to their roots. They also returned and recorded at Screaming Leopard Studios (Pennywise Studio). Songs: Propaganda Machine and Banners and Slogans 2 Song 7" on Limited Edition Solid Orange. (300 printed. 150 in the USA and 150 in Europe/Worldwide)