KARATE KLUB - Compilation

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"The Karate Klub began it's life during a cold winter of 2007 when a group of punks got together and raised the cash to rent a rundown warehouse in Phibsboro. It had previously operated as a martial arts centre so was aptly named. The Karate Klub has operated as a practice space for countless bands, a social space hosting film nights and workshops and a recording studio. The Karate Klub has produced so many bands it is impossible to name them all but something that stands out is the wide variety of styles and sub-genres that exist under one roof. This release is a celebration of the Karate Klub as an important part of the overall D.I.Y. scene. The vinyl format features a hand printed cover and a large booklet with details of the bands involved along with artwork and photos that highlight the history and culture."
BANDS: Rats Blood, Surge, The Blowins, Grit, The Whole Sick, Sissy, Razor, Dowth, Strong Boys, Disguise, Badb, Extravision, Pozoga, Vena-Kava, Zona Zla, Electric Bill & The Meter Readers, The Objectorz, Putrefaction
18 Song Black Vinyl LP - Green Cover
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