SAVE THE EMBERS - Embers & Ashes


SAVE THE EMBERS - Embers & Ashes CD
Melodic Hardcore from Nuremberg, Germany.
11 song CD with booklet/lyrics
"We are more than proud to give you a first look at our upcoming album EMBERS & ASHES which will be released on July 11th. After nearly two years of DIY recording and producing we are bringing out this 11-track CD. With that being said we are also proud and honored to release EMBERS & ASHES on not only one but two excellent small punkrock/hardcore labels. Please go over to 5FeetUnder Records from Denmark and Deadlamb Records from Ireland and appreciate their effort they put in bands like us. Thanks for the trust. The album will be available physically and - of course - for download. Stay tuned for further information. Thanks to everyone for the yearlong support. Believe us we can't wait for you listen to this. No shit. ‪#‎embersandashes‬"‬
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