Middleground 3 is the 3rd and final part of the Middleground trilogy, like parts one and two it has 6 bands from the UK Midlands all on one cd, the line up this time is long standing Birmingham Rail Punx Eastfield (3 Songs), plus skapunx Collective Responsibility (6 Songs) and Birmingham punk legends Drongos For Europe with two unreleased tracks from the early 80's which alone should be a reason to own this CD. After that acoustic comedy genius Paul Carter's 'I hate Work' demo (6 Songs) has made the jump from home-made cdr to take it's place on this CD for a re-release and following that you get Dogshit Sandwich (6 Songs) who have been on the previous two Middleground's and though they are split up re-grouped to record some new tracks for this project and to round of the CD is young Black Country punk kids The Nihilists (5 Songs). Like the previous two discs of the series you get a great mix of sounds showing how diverse and interesting the UK Midlands D.I.Y. punk scene is.
28 Song CD