DVD/CD - 'To call AGNOSTIC FRONT a living legend would be an understatement: Roger Miret and the guys have always been and will always be one of the most important driving forces of the Hardcore scene. Their sound influenced whole generations of Hardcore bands, and it is definitely about time for AGNOSTIC FRONT to release an overview of their career with “Live At CBGB”. Roger Miret says of the DVD/CD, “We had been a band for 25 years and done a lot of things, but we had never done an official DVD. We thought that it would be great to do a live DVD, but only if we could actually capture what it is really like to be at one of our shows. Agnostic Front has always been a live band so capturing that truth and the essence of the group was extremely important to us. I don’t know how else to describe this DVD other than chaos at it's best. There are bodies flying around everywhere. People with smiles on there faces, head butting each other. No attitudes... no violence... just respect and genuine NYHC at it's best!” „The audio portion of this DVD/CD is unreal. Dean Batulonis and Bob Strakele from Atomic Recording Company plus Matt Henderson (formally of Agnostic Front, Madball) did a great job with the recording and mixing. It is hands down the best live recording of us to date! I feel that this is one of our most exciting releases even down to the packaging. It’s 100% us being us, a true representation of Agnostic Front live at CBGB’s.“
DVD (53:21) + Specials / CD (54:25) FSK 12 1. Eliminator 2. New Jack 3. Victim in Pain 4. Your Mistake 5. Blind Justice 6. Last Warning 7. Strength 8. Crucified 9. All is Not Forgotten 10. Peace 11. One Voice 12. Over the Edge 13. Friend or Foe 14. Gotta Go 15. Riot, Riot Upstart 16. Police State 17. Undertow 18. Public Assistance 19. Anthem
Bonustracks (only on CD) 20. So Pure To Me 21. Take Me Back DVD Specials: • 52 minute intense live set (19 songs) filmed from 5 angles • 23 minute documentary on Agnostic Front • Exclusive behind the scenes interview with Vinnie Stigma at CBGB's • photo gallery • 5.1 surround sound and stereo options - PAL